FAQsWhat is the cost of a therapy session?

$150 for private pay session.

Do you take insurance?

Yes. TFS has providers in network and out of network. We are happy to help you navigate the insurance process and can verify, check benefits, and make you aware of fees for services. We also encourage clients to please find out what insurance plan you have before we schedule your first session so that we can assist you accordingly.

What are your treatment modalities?

We use an integrative healthcare model and believe that there should be a balance between your physical health and mental health. For that, we have relationships with providers that we partner with to help with your individual medical, dietary, psychiatric, acupuncture, and other needs.
Our staff therapists are trained in eating disorder treatment, art therapy, Mindfulness, Trauma, Addictions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Family Therapy.

How do I select a therapist?

Upon contacting our practice one of our staff members will contact you to provide you with intake paperwork. After completing the paperwork, we will then pair you with one of our licensed therapists.
Are all of your therapists licensed? Yes our staff are licensed providers in the state of PA, NJ and NY. TFS staff are all telehealth certified to practice telehealth.

Are any of your therapists bilingual?

Yes, we have a Spanish speaking and Russian speaking therapist.

How will I know if the therapy is working?

We will discuss your goals for therapy at the initial intake session. From there we will continue to assess your individual needs and work towards making steps towards your recovery. Additionally, part of therapy is being present and involved.

Do you offer any support groups?

Yes, currently we offer a Telehealth Virtual Support Group.